5 ways IT saves your business money

<span class="cta">There’s heaps of ways to save through better IT, here are 5 of the best. </span>

IT services, business software and equipment – it all costs money. However, it’s good to view IT as the investment in your business that it really is, and one that can actually save you money.

Propel Technologies have a ton of ways to help you reduce your costs. While there may be an initial spend on IT solutions and upgrades, you tend to get a pretty quick return on your investment.

Here are 5 ways IT can save your business money

The right equipment

It’s important to buy technology that’s right for the job and is designed to last. Sure, cheap alternatives often work, but you’ll probably find their performance is not up to scratch, which means you don’t get the full benefit of the technology and you end up buying again.

When you’re buying equipment, it pays to read product reviews and talk to suppliers to ensure the product matches your needs.

We’re happy to spec out exactly what you need and take care of the purchasing for you, so you get peace of mind and great trade prices.  

Cloud data storage

Migrating to the cloud means your team can access data from anywhere with an internet connection. That means increased efficiency and productivity (winning), but it also means less manual filing, less storage, less printing and less ink.  

So you save money, and as a bonus, you save trees and can work remotely much more easily.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Did you know ditching your landline for a VoIP phone system can mean a 40 to 80% saving in your telecommunications costs? VoIP is simple and inexpensive to install: we connect it straight into your internet connection and you’re off and running (and saving).  

Cyber security

Spammers and hackers can cost your company BIG dollars. The downtime that happens when your systems are down, can cost you and your customers dearly. Adequate antivirus and malware software is really a no brainer.

However, cyber threats can also come from within your own business, and cyber incidents can cost you your reputation, as well financially. We help you establish cyber security protocols within your business that hold the entire team accountable, because cyber security starts with the individual.

If you’re cost cutting, don’t cut security!

Managed IT Services

A Managed IT Service will look after your entire IT network on an ongoing basis. Yes, you pay for this, however, it’s usually less than the cost of full-time in-house IT.  

Managed IT Services will maintain your systems, review and optimise your equipment to ensure it’s fit for purpose and provide IT support. You get reliable WIFI, fast and efficient technology and expert advice – which means less downtime, greater efficiency and a well-planned network.

5 ways to save your business money with IT

  • Get the right equipment
  • Move to cloud data storage
  • Get VoIP
  • Be vigilant about cyber security
  • Invest in Managed IT

About Propel Technologies

Propel Technologies is not one of these fly by night IT companies out to make a quick buck – we’ve been on the IT scene for almost 20-years. The secret to our success is our reputation, word of mouth and repeat business – which you don’t get if you rip people off.

It’s not hard to change your IT service provider, in fact, we make it easy. For a confidential chat, call 1300 707 661 or send us an email us today.

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