Security solutions

CCTV Installation

CCTV installation

Can CCTV cameras help you lift your game? More than just a security tool, on site cameras help you find kinks in your operation, so you can double down on QA and training.

Improve quality control

CCTV cameras keep eyes on your product from manufacturing through to dispatch and help you detect quality issues.

Minimise stress

Rest easy knowing CCTV cameras can help deter break ins.

Save money

Did you know an extra layer of security can reduce your business insurance premiums?
Cyber security

Cyber security

We take Cyber security very seriously and we don’t just protect your data, we help protect your business.

If you’re not across the Essential 8, Australia’s leading cyber security framework, then your business is at risk. Cyber threats are on the increase and you need to take action or you could be hacked. Or worse.

We help you understand and implement the mitigation strategies set out in the Essential 8, to give you the best defence against cyber threats and incidents.

Why not book an IT Health Check and see how your cyber security stacks up?

Protect your reputation

Do you have an Acceptable Use Policy? Do you know what your staff look at online? A cyber incident in your organisation can get you sued and destroy your reputation. We help you implement effective cyber policies and controls.

Protect your operation

Hackers can bring your operation to a stand still and compromise your customer’s privacy. Your best defence? Knowledge + antivirus + malware + encryption.

Know what’s going on

When we provide cyber security services, we make sure you know what’s going on. That includes weekly updates on security breaches (internal and external) and any national cyber issues that you need to be aware of.

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Propel Technologies provides reliable and prompt phone, remote and onsite support.
Illawarra Ophthalmology
Helen Lee - Practice Manager
Propel Technologies have been instrumental to ADP reaching new heights as a business. We’ve grown and scaled in a way that just wasn’t possible before we modernised our operation.
Architectural Design Products
Andrew Jones - CEO
Simply awesome service, highly agile and responsive. You don't need an IT team internally when you have Propel. They take the time to understand your needs as well as your business processes and embed like one of the team. They have a solution for ANY I.T. problem. Propel take a different approach to most they help to develop an IT plan based on your future needs and goals and all work steps you towards it.
Scott Perkins
IMB Bank - Manager