What are Managed IT Services?

<span class="cta">How great is an IT Support Team - those IT fairies that swarm in when you have a problem and fix it quickly? How about when they don’t swarm in and it’s more of a meander?</span>

IT support on steroids

Managed IT Services are a step up from IT Support and they’re an alternative to the ‘brake fix’ or on demand IT Support model. And they’re increasingly popular with businesses who don’t want an inhouse IT person, but who do want expert IT advice, knowledge and support.

Managed IT Services takes all the good stuff you get from IT Support and beefs it up – usually for less than the cost of full-time IT.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT is an agreement with a provider to do more than just fix IT network problems. Instead, they take complete ownership of your network and work with you to ensure it supports your operation and is aligned to your business goals.

That means, you get end to end IT management from your wires to your WIFI; software to hardware; printers to phones; cyber security to purchasing - basically everything in your IT environment. You get planning, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and remote support.

Get less downtime

You should feel the benefits of Managed IT on a daily basis, not just when you have a problem, and hear from your provider often.

At Propel Technologies we do a full IT Health Check when we work with a new client. We identify the cause of any regular downtime in the business and then find technology solutions.
WIFI blackspots and outages are a common source of downtime and we’ve got IT solutions ready to go. Because any downtime costs you money.

That’s why we aim to know about any problems in your IT network before you do and we’re highly responsive when there is a problem. In fact, we’re available 24/7.

Save money and improve business

When you sign on for Managed IT Services it means an external supplier looks at your IT network with fresh eyes, and finds ways to improve business operations and cut any unnecessary expenses.

Really? Yes really.

A good Managed IT Service reviews and optimises your equipment to ensure it’s fit for purpose and will support your business into the future, and then eliminates redundant technology.
It’s like having a Chief Information Officer on your team.

But what are we actually doing?

Your Managed IT service will supply regular reports on what they’re doing for you, because there’s nothing worse than paying for something that you can’t see. Security threats, maintenance, repairs, support requests, backups, system improvements – they’re there in black and white.

Propel Technologies includes on site check-ins in our Managed IT Plans, which is when we physically sit down with you to ask how things are going. These meetings are usually quick, but they’re invaluable, as they flush out obstacles that slow you down.

We love to remove these obstacles.

Grow your knowledge

When Propel Technologies is on site we offer quick training for anyone struggling with systems. The last thing we want is for you to feel overwhelmed or not to understand your own technology.
In fact, we prefer you to increase your knowledge and skills. Knowledge is power and IT is one of your most important business assets, so we want you to feel empowered when we deliver your Managed IT Services.

We don’t just take over and leave you in the dark.

Protect your business

Managed IT saves you time – and stress – in more ways than you’d expect. Most plans include cyber security and we happily take that off your hands, but we make sure you understand it. Cyber security isn’t just about software, it’s a protocol and it starts with the individual.

We deliver training across the business and show you the gaps in your security. If you don’t have an Acceptable Use Policy, for example, then you’re not working to the latest cyber security standards and your business is at risk. Good security protects your data, your staff and your reputation.

Choose your plan

Propel Technologies offers Managed IT Plans to suit a range of businesses and budgets.

Not sure if Managed IT is for you? Take our test  to find out or chat to an IT Consultant from our Wollongong office.

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