Why a WIFI backup is a vital technology solution for business

<span class="cta">How does a WIFI backup that kicks in 300 milliseconds sound?</span>

Is there anything worse than loss of internet connection?  

Probably, but constant connectivity is now essential in business (and at home!) and when your NBN, ADSL or fibre fails, the consequences can be dire.

When Propel Technologies starts to work with you, one of our first questions is about your WIFI. Do you have a strong connection? Does it drop out? Are there blackspots where you can’t get a signal? Do you have a WIFI backup?  

Too many businesses suffer from unreliable internet, and you really don’t have to.

Costly downtime

Internet loss means loss of revenue. If your team can’t do their job because the WIFI is down or slow, that downtime costs you money.

If your systems go down because of lost connectivity, that can also affect your clients and their businesses – which means loss of credibility for you, and it can even hurt your clients at their hip pocket.

Frustrated staff

Customer deadlines, project deliverables, R&D, payroll – these things still need to happen, WIFI or no WIFI. So internet outages or poor connectivity puts pressure on your staff, and at the end of the day, affects morale.

Annoying blackspots

How about that part of the factory or office where you can't get a signal? Can you live with it? Sure. Is it good for business? No.

We’re really good at fixing blackspots to ensure you have continuous WIFI throughout your operation, which means better efficiency and less stress.

Always on WIFI

One of our go-to business solutions is a WIFI backup. In our opinion, any business, big or small, needs a WIFI failover solution that kicks in if the primary internet connection fails – we call this Always On WIFI.  

We use Fusion Broadband to backup your WIFI and it kicks in within 300 milliseconds. Not too shabby eh? It’s fast to install and will retain your static IP address, so there’s no need to make any changes to your router. Best of all, it eliminates the inconvenience and the stress that internet outages create.

Not sure if your WIFI is up to scratch? Book a free Discovery Call and let’s find out.

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